Beat The Hacker Quiz

Cyber security is an incredibly hot topic nowadays. With most of us on at least one social media platform and constantly using the Internet to answer emails, make payments and everyday browsing, it is important to recognise potential threats to our security.

Failing to follow basic security measures can leave you and your personal information exposed to phishing scams and viruses.

At Digital Families, we’ve developed a quiz called Beat The Hacker. Inspired by The Chase, the aim of the game is to gain more points than the hacker by both having good cyber security practice and knowledge. Find yourself on less points than the hacker at the end of the game and you’ve been hacked!

Click the links below to access the resources for Beat The Hacker:

This PowerPoint presentation is the game you can run with a classroom to allow them to become engaged in five rounds of the chase inspired cyber game.

This guide will run you through how to setup the activity for the classroom and includes helpful tips and resources that you’ll need.

This document will display the answers to the activity – it would be beneficial to become familiar with the answers before running a session!

This PowerPoint includes most of the resources you’ll need to run the activity, simply download and print the pages included within this PowerPoint (you may need to print multiple pages for the template of the Caeser Cipher depending on how many participants you are leading).

This is a Word document that includes ten multiple choice questions for Round 4 of this activity – generally you need one document per team/family.

These are some additional activities that we generated on our journey to creating the Beat the Hacker activity. You may want to include some of these into the activity you are running…