What Is Vlogging?

what is vloggingVlog stands for video blog and usually consists of a series of video clips edited together and uploaded online. Vlogging has proved very popular on Youtube, with many content creators uploading daily or semi-regular vlogs for their following or ‘subscribers’. Often, a more informal tone is taken, with the creator holding the camera themselves to film on the go, allowing viewers to gain an insight into the creator’s everyday life. Most vloggers film different parts of their day, even if there are time gaps between the footage.

What can I vlog about?

Take a look at any vlogger online and you will see the answer is pretty much anything! Some Youtubers are very open about their private lives while others may choose not to share certain aspects. It is up to you but as a start, you could vlog a day out with your family, going to visit another relative or even just a walk around the area you live in. It shouldn’t be too short or too long (maybe 5-8 minutes) – make it interesting!

Why has it become so popular?

While many people criticise fans of vlogging (and those who create it), claiming that watching or filming parts of a person’s day does not constitute entertainment, many ‘internet famous’ vloggers were posting popular video content beforehand. Not satisfied with perhaps 20 minutes a week of their favourite online star’s content, and with many Youtubers posting their videos to hundreds of thousands and even millions of subscribers, demand for extra videos grew. Both viewers and creators often favour the chatty, personal style of vlogging, providing a Youtuber’s online following to feel more involved with their day-to-day lifestyle.  British Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) has over 5 million subscribers on his main channel, with PointlessBlogVlogs – a channel dedicated entirely to his daily vlogs – also on a respectable 3 million. There’s certainly no shortage of demand when it comes to vlogging!

If you or your family want to try out vlogging for yourself, why not take a look at our Family Vlogging activity guide? It’s a fun, creative, digital activity for all the family to get involved with!