What Is Blogging?

What is bloggingWhile you’re currently looking at a blog and have probably read numerous blogs in the past, you may be wondering what differentiates them from an online magazine or website. As it can be very confusing when you’re faced with various webpages, it is important to recognise that there are key differences between all three.

The premise of a general company website is to provide information about products and services, and these are usually updated only occasionally, thus, they remain fairly static. On the other hand, an online magazine or blog will be updated regularly, perhaps daily or multiple times a week. There will usually be a ‘feed’ on the homepage – every time the owner/contributors publish a post, it will appear at the top or alongside other recent posts.

However, it is important to note that while magazines and blogs share common elements, there are a few defining aspects for each:

  • Online magazines are likely to use a slightly more formal tone in their writing, whereas a blogger can be as informal as they like. This is usually because a magazine is operated by multiple members of staff who collectively adhere to a writing style. A blog is likely to be run by only one person, or a very small team and therefore, it will have a more personal, chatty feel to it, especially if they are chatting about their everyday lives.
  • For this reason, a blogger may not produce as much content as an online magazine – one writer (unless they are blogging as a full-time job) cannot commit to posting throughout the day every day. In fact, depending on who the blog is run by, how much time they have and how dedicated they are to writing, you may only see them publish one post a week or even more sporadically.
  • It is common for blog posts to display post by post in a vertical fashion, while magazines tend to show previews of their articles using a grid layout. However, this depends on the design template chosen by the blogger/magazine owner. In fact, take a look at our homepage and you’ll see we’ve opted to display our blog posts side-by-side!
  • Blogs may have a less polished design to them – this is due to the templates (at least the free ones!) offered by blogging platforms being fairly basic and designed for beginners who want a simple way to get their content out to the public. Most online magazines and bigger businesses will employ a web designer to created a professional, sleek look for their website. If you’re on a limited budget but want to give your blog a bit of a makeover, you can download free templates elsewhere on the internet. While many of these won’t be too fancy, they are more likely to make your blog stand out from the crowd – plus complicating your layout too much will detract from your content and may put readers off coming back!


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